in the design studio…

There are always have thoughts running through my head of things I want to do, to make, to create.  Lucky for me, my youngest C has the knack for drawing things in cartoon fashion.  Perfect for amigurumi.  I tell her what I want, she draws me a picture, and I figure out how to make it.  She now has the title Head Designer.  What does that make me?  Head Builder?  Whatever it is, it is great.

So what are the current works in progress you ask?  Here are a few teasers.

  1. Bee.  I have the drawing and pattern done.  Prototype and many successful bees have been made since, including a smaller version.  What’s next?  I need a set of good photographs.  Still working on getting that set up.  Once the photos are complete I can finish writing out the pattern.  Hopefully I’ll sort the pics soon.
  2. Raindrop.  Everyone needs a logo and I want an amigurumi raindrop.  C did some designs an I have been working on them.  The prototype is complete.  I just need to make sure I wrote it down correctly and make more.  I still need to find the correct yarn as well.  I know what I want, but have not been able to get to the store yet.
  3. Coffee Cup Sleeve.  I saved the paper sleeve from one of my Starbucks purchase and have been trying to make a sleeve.  I do have something to try out next time I get a coffee, so we shall see if it fits.
  4. Fingerless Gloves.  During a cold spell last June I made a pair off the top of my head. They need some work to make them better, but I have not got back to them since finishing them.  It is starting to get cool so I should probably do something about them since I will need them to keep my hands working.  cold hands = painful cramp + no crochet = sad Lorraine.

I have many other ideas but they have not gotten past my active brain yet.  C has made drawings of a turkey and many gourds for a cornucopia. I am not sure if I will do anything about those ones this year, but they are in the creative vault.



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