I bought the Scheepjes Ubuntu CAL 2018 in small size.

Everywhere I look I see pictures of colourful diamond, and half diamond, shaped crochet pieces. So I searched and found out what this was all about. The Scheepjes Ubuntu CAL 2018 started with the first pattern piece release on September 12. I’ve never done a crochet a long. This looks so beautiful and full of colour. I just have to do it too. It’s way above my current skill level though and will be a huge challenge for me.

So I’m making this a blog challenge for myself. I’m going to work on this and post about my progress every couple days.  Wish me luck!

2nd try – 3mm

Yesterday I drove 45 minutes to a yarn store to look at the yarn in person. I also wanted to get an ergonomic hook in the right size. Done and done! I printed off the week 1 pattern and all the information for the gauge (Emma Crochet Square Pattern).

The gauge is proving to be a problem. I finished it in the 3mm hook suggested. Now I always thought I was fairly close to gauge, but I guess that’s just for single crochet. That doesn’t seem to be the case for this piece. It’s supposed to measure 9cm. Mine was 11cm. I took it apart and redid it. 10cm. 3rd try in 2.5mm hook was still 10 cm. Needless to say I put it away for the day.

3rd try – 2.5mm

I love this yarn. The cotton 8 is much smaller and softer than the worsted acrylic yarn I’m used to. It slides so easily between my fingers and is small and harder to grasp. My hands get a bit cramped trying to hold it. The gauge piece is so pretty, and if I wasn’t concerned about running out of yarn for the whole project I would leave it bigger and looser.

Today is another day and another try at the gauge. I will persevere and succeed!

Are you doing the Ubuntu CAL?  Comment below, or email me, and let me know how you are doing.

Happy Crocheting!


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