Top 10 reasons I crochet

I have fibromyalgia and part of that is chronic fatigue. The kind where its like you have the flu and can barely move sometimes.  I spend most of my days at home doing very little. Watching tv gets old very fast.  Sometimes I can not concentrate enough to read a book, even the easy ones.  Sitting on anything other than my soft comfortable recliner can induce pain after a couple minutes. 

Ever since I discovered crocheting amigurumi, I’ve been excited about something other than my health for the first time in years.  It has given me a new interest and outlook on life. 

Here are my top 10 reasons I crochet.

  1. Because I can. Its something I can do while sitting in my chair. It’s easy, relaxing, and doesn’t take much energy.
  2. Good fine motor skills practice.  My hands get cramped up and this helps to keep them flexible.
  3. Beats fidgeting.  Anxiety keeps my fingers moving, picking at things, and this gives them something to do.
  4. I get to create something.  I feel like I’m doing something worthwhile and using my creative brain.
  5. Mindfulness meditation practice.  I have to be in the present or I lose count and have to rip everything apart and start over.
  6. It keeps my brain active.  Crochet patterns are another language, and I have to keep track of where I am.  Counting is big.
  7. I get excited to try new patterns, or look for ideas.  Its even better now that I have learned how to make my own patterns too.
  8. I can do it anywhere and anytime.  So much more portable than other crafts like sewing or pottery.
  9. I have presents to give to people. I love to give things to people and this way I can make it personal like a favourite cartoon character for a nephew.
  10. Its something to talk about other than my health. When you don’t have energy to go out and live a “normal” life it makes it hard to have a regular conversation with people. The usual questions are how are you, any plans for the weekend, what did you do today/yesterday/last weekend, etc. Now I have answers.

I would love to hear your reasons for doing crochet, or any other craft for that matter.  Leave a comment below or email me at



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