Last weekend of summer

This is the last weekend of summer.  Many of you may be going camping or the beach.  Here in Vancouver we also go to the PNE.  I myself avoid the weekend crowds because 1. the line ups are too long, 2. less chance of finding somewhere to sit, 3. I can be knocked over by a feather.  So I went on a quieter day.  Hindsight, maybe seniors day was not the best choice.  More competition for the resting points.

One of my assistants (aka my youngest daughter) came with me.  We had fun seeing some shows: the ever fun Superdogs, animatronic dragons, and the violent, bloodthirsty Knights of Valour jousting.  Oh my.

In the marketplace I bought a TENS machine that will hopefully enable me to sit in a real chair, writing at a real desk.  If only I could find a real brain.  That would be real progress I say.

In the barnyard we saw the honeybee exhibit and the cutest ever stuffed bee.  Needless to say I now want to make one. Stay tuned for a bee pattern in the future.

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